i. Introducing WeighMats

What are WeighMats?
WeighMats integrates a bathroom mat with a digital Bluetooth-enabled weighing scale.  The product was designed to help with one's daily weight monitoring. 

How to use WeighMats?
There are three main requirements for proper use of the WeighMats: (a) place the mat cutout edge over the weighing scale, (b) do not step on the edge of the bathroom mat along the edge of the weighing scale, and (c) do not step on the scale with wet feet right after your bath or shower.  Make sure you wipe your wet feet for at least 10s before standing on the scale.  Please see the video below for instructions on how to use WeighMats: 


ii. Order Confirmation

Will I get confirmation of my order?
As soon as you put through an order via our website, we will send an order confirmation email to the email address you've provided. This is to confirm that we have received your order in our system and pre-authorised your payment method, ready for your purchase.

I placed my order but did not receive a confirmation email. Why?
If you recently placed your order and didn't immediately receive a confirmation email from us, then there might be a few issues we can look into: 

  1. Our emails might be going to your junk or spam folder
  2. There might have been a misspelling when you entered your email address during checkout
  3. Your email server has very strong spam filters and is identifying our emails as spam so the emails aren't going through.

What happens after I receive my order confirmation?
We check our warehouse or with our suppliers to make sure that your item(s) are available and can be dispatched as soon as possible. If your item(s) are available for shipping, we'll process the charges and prepare to ship your order. 

In the event that your item(s) are unavailable for immediate dispatch, we will reach out to you via email or telephone to offer you an alternative. If you decide not to go ahead with any of the alternatives we've offered, we will remove the pre-authorisation from your payment method.

iii. Privacy and Security

Why do you need my phone number?
Most of our delivery couriers require a contact number to ensure smooth delivery of your order. You will likely be contacted to arrange for a delivery time-slot most convenient to you. We do not disclose your information to anyone else, it is kept private and confidential. Plus if there are any issues with your order we can contact you quickly and easily.

Is it safe to buy online through your website?
Absolutely. Weighmats strives to provide our customers with a safe and smooth customer experience. This site uses SSL encryption technology so that you never have to worry about credit card safety.

iv. Dispatch and Delivery

How long does it typically take for your products to be dispatched?
Usually within 48 hours of processing your order but it can vary depending on factors such as the availability of the product, if your order is made to order, or the quantity you require.

How long does it typically take for my purchase to arrive once it’s dispatched?
Usually within 7 business days, however, some larger items can take up to 15 business days.